The Staffing
Intelligence Report
Benchmark how effectively you use data compared with 135 agencies which were surveyed by cube19 and CloudCall in September 2017.

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Nearly a third (32%) of agencies believe their business processes are restricting growth.

91% of agencies use data to shape decisions despite 39% doubting its accuracy or accessibility.

31% of agencies lose time each week to data reporting and performance tracking.

Key Findings

Improving processes will aid growth

  • Agencies looking to prioritise growth and efficiency in 2018 consider better company processes as the vehicle for both.
  • Processes are the biggest barrier to growth.
  • The majority of agencies looking to scale their operations see partnering with technology as the way to unlock growth.

Embracing data is the future

  • Recruitment needs to remove the elements of data inaccuracies, automate data reporting and deliver real-time actionable insights to truly impact agency performance and drive revenue.
  • By partnering with platforms that are able to deliver accurate data and clear insights from it, agencies will move swiftly into a data inteligent age of recruitment.
Russell Clements

“The Staffing Business Intelligence Survey has in my opinion highlighted a true reflection of the market. Staff efficiency is of paramount importance and improving processes will aid this. Data is vital to ensure efficiency and grow your business, however inaccurate data that is difficult to extract is a barrier to aiding success.”

Dan McGuire

"We’re moving into a data intelligent age where recruitment agencies are listening to their data to drive revenue and growth. To make the right decisions at the right time businesses need on-demand access to accurate data. This means completely overhauling the current approach to data analytics in the recruitment industry."

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